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About 277 Members of Youth

Everyone has stories from their adolescence which would drastically change our perspective of them, and perhaps even our perspective of people in general. However, talking about the troubling parts of our youth isn't exactly the most comfortable conversation to have. In this project I aim to open the conversation up in hopes of seeing the world from new points of view.


How are the stories kept anonymous?

Some details in the stories will be changed. For example: ages, names, and locations. I prioritise anonymity of the storytellers, so if a specific part of the conversation doesn't make sense without giving away compromising information I will exclude that section from the transcript.

What are the infographics showing?

Example Square-02.png

1) A graph plotted by each interviewee to represent their level of happiness between the ages of 10 and 20. Each graph must touch both the top and bottom end of the scale at some point.

2) Number of interviewee.

3) Three words chosen by interviewee to describe what troubled them during their adolescence.

4) Song chosen to represent the soundtrack of the interviewee's childhood.

5) Excerpt quote from the interview.

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